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Dr. Patrick Kramer is one of the world’s most influential pioneers when it comes to the next level of digitization: people themselves as Homo Deus! He is an expert in digital and biological transformation, performance management and future agent/narrator.

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Patrick Kramer’s background

Dr. Kramer has many years of experience in leading international IT/consulting firms (Big 5) as a management consultant and business development executive. In addition to his advisory work, he has been working as a specialist for performance enhancement since 2014 as founder and managing director of the platform “Digiwell – Upgraded Humans!” With the crucial topics of digital change, the human TransformaQon.

In his vision, the digital transformation will change people more and more – so-called “Shy-Tech” will move invisibly from “on-the-skin” to “under-the-skin” in people themselves. He is a keynote speaker in demand around the world and inspires his listeners with his outlook for the future, gives seminars on digital transformation and lectures as part of adult education at various universities and chairs.

Dr. Kramer shows that the current state of digitalization is only the beginning and motivates companies and organizations to have more courage and visions. He also does not stop at apparently unpleasant technology and talks about the digital transformation of people and gives tips on how we can transform or optimize ourselves through proven biology and innovative technology. But he doesn’t just leave it at words: he puts implants on stage! This is guaranteed to get under your skin and won’t leave anyone cold!

Patrick Kramer’s specialties

As a body hacker, he not only carries implants in the body himself, but also experiments with the latest technologies on and in the body.

Patrick’s work and insights into near and inbody technology have been recognized by Wired magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, RedBull Media, PC World, CeBIT and other international media. He is a proud speaker at TEDx, CeBIT Global Conferences, Wired Future Fest and at various companies around the world.



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Super-humans: interconnected cyborgs | Patrick Kramer | TEDxBucharest
Super-humans: interconnected cyborgs | Patrick Kramer | TEDxBucharest
Keynote "Cyborg & Biohacking"
Keynote "Cyborg & Biohacking"
Future Trends & Innovation adidias Group

The lecture gave our own transformation many new impulses. Patrick pushed us to the limits, which we thought was possible. '

Christian Kuhna
AZ Gartenhaus GmbH

'Dr. Patrick Kramer was the first person to convince me of the digitalization of people. Very successful event. '

Christoph Fach
E-Commerce Manager

'The audience could tell from open eyes and open mouths that both the pace and the vision of the presentation pushed the limits of the imagination.'

Christian Faust

'I have Dr. Kramer personally experienced this month at a job fair and was recommended further on. The lecture was really impressive!'

Sabine Schottler

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