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Leadership and teambuilding lessons from a heroic round the world yachtsman

Pete Goss: Biography highlights

An inspirational yachtsman, Pete Goss is known internationally for his heroism and for his belief in innovation, technology, challenge and adventure.

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Adventurers and Explorers

Full biography of Pete Goss

Pete Goss is a multiple adventurer, businessman and lecturer who relates his experiences of courage and determination to the business audience. He is still adventuring and his in-person talks and book have motivated and inspired people around the world.

In today’s challenging business environment, Pete understands the need to deliver real performance; he achieves this through mentoring and empowering individuals, motivating teams and driving companies forward…

A regular lecturer at business schools, particularly the Said Business School of Oxford University, Pete has the privilege of being an Associate Fellow, and The London Business School.

Before any speech Pete spends time researching and talking to the company

  • He listens to their specific needs and requirements for the conference and the speech.
  • He makes sure key messages flow through the talk clearly and seamlessly.
  • He produces a unique and dynamic speech full of usable content and fresh ideas.

Pete is an experienced businessman having set up and managed 15 different projects:

  • He has headed up workforces of more than 100 employees.
  • He has brokered multi-million pound sponsorship deals.
  • He has assisted with the creation of several new companies.

In turn this has given Pete the experience to speak knowledgeably on many different themes and aspects within business.

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After Dinner Engagement

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Garcia Exploration 45 - Pete Goss - Convince the crew to go bluewater cruising
Garcia Exploration 45 - Pete Goss - Convince the crew to go bluewater cruising
Garcia Exploration 45: A complete boat tour by Pete Goss
Garcia Exploration 45: A complete boat tour by Pete Goss
Pete Goss - Epic Voyage
Pete Goss - Epic Voyage
ICAP plc

Pete's presentation, like the oceans he has sailed, has an underlying calm, while on the surface the audience are hit with waves of ideas, advice and emotions that leave a lasting and valuable impression in the business world. An amazing speaker.'


'Pete was recommended to us as a motivational and leadership speaker. We wanted to put him in front of our customers, a senior group of no nonsense operational management. Having not seen Pete speak before, I was apprehensive. His session was a keynote, the audience was tough, but one minute into his speech, the attention was 100%. You could hear a pin drop, everyone related to his adventure and story of determination in business. We were all truly motivated by it. In our feedback survey everyone voted 5/5 for Pete, we would definitely hire him again!'

Robert Nehme
Director of Corporate Marketing
Customers Bank

'What strikes me most about Pete Goss is that he's authentic! No pretenses, no self-adulation, just exceptional wisdom and leadership skill. He takes real-life adventures and extracts lessons that are relevant to many business situations.'

Dick Ehst
Peek Plc

'Absolutely First Class. We were mesmerised. Without doubt the most interesting, stimulating and motivational speaker we have experienced... Pete Goss has excellent management motivation.'

University of Oxford

'Pete's work with executives exhibits his ability to reinforce important business lessons. These include, how to move on from having an idea to making it happen and how to manage risk. He always remains humble and grounded - reinforcing the concept of the team approach. Pete's sessions provide the ideal backdrop for global senior executives to challenge their capability, whilst remaining true to their values.'

Steve Mostyn
Associate Fellow Said Business School

'His style is balanced and at times understated, not punctuated with dramatic outbursts or flashy media, however through this he delivers a significant impact. Having captured the unwavering attention of every delegate within seconds of his introduction, Pete's session proved to be a source of energy and a talking point throughout the whole of our event.'

Chris Jenkins

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