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Raheela Mahomed is an international news anchor with a track record working for major broadcasters across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including DW, Al Jazeera and CNN.

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Raheela Mahomed’s background

Raheela joined Deutsche Welle, Germany’s English-language news broadcaster in Berlin in 2021. In her position as news anchor at DW News, Raheela presents live hourly news bulletins, in-depth analysis and rolling coverage of breaking news.

Raheela worked at Al Jazeera English based in Doha from 2012 to 2020 covering the full range of international stories. She was a news presenter on Al Jazeera’s main bulletins, including the flagship Newshour programme. Among the stories she has covered are the US presidential elections; the ‘Brexit’ vote; war in Syria; North Korea missile tests; Myanmar refugee crisis; the Gulf diplomatic crisis and terror attacks in Turkey and the UK.

Raheela co-presented the NewsGrid – Al Jazeera’s first on air and online interactive show which streamed live across social media platforms. She has covered the Zimbabwe military transition, online regulations in Tanzania and Uganda, as well as the battle with fake news in the US and Mexico. In 2018, NewsGrid was nominated for an International Emmy Award in the News category.

In the field, Raheela reported from Indonesia on anti-government protests in Jakarta, forest fires in Sumatra, relocating the capital to Borneo Island and unrest in West Papua. She has also reported from Zimbabwe on press freedom and media transparency.

Raheela is a highly accomplished event host, moderator and keynote speaker,  specialising in digital transformation, sustainability, international affairs and diversity and inclusion. In 2021 she hosted Sapphire Now – a major industry event for the technology giant SAP. Other engagements have included an invitation to be a guest speaker for a panel discussion on the ‘Future of Broadcasting’ at the Shoko Festival Hub UN conference in Harare, Zimbabwe. Technology events have proved to be a particular forte and Raheela was a moderator and conference host for a panel discussion on ‘Digital Transformation’ at the Future of Media Leaders Summit in Doha.

Raheela has also worked for CNN International on its special coverage of Egypt’s presidential election, the London 2012 Olympics and the Libya crisis. She also helped launch the ‘CNN Freedom Project’, an initiative tackling human trafficking.

Raheela gained a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Westminster and a Master’s degree in International Public Policy from University College London.



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Raheela Mahomed hosts #SAPPHIRENOW
Raheela Mahomed hosts #SAPPHIRENOW
Raheela Mahomed Showeel
Raheela Mahomed Showeel

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