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Global Adventurer Rosie Swale Pope is recognized as one of the world’s most courageous, gutsy women of her generation.

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Rosie Swale Pope’s background

Throughout her life, Rosie has completed numerous marathons in some of the world’s most challenging terrains and has embarked upon many adventures including trekking across Chile on horseback and sailing across the globe in a small boat.

In 2003, aged 57, she began a five-year run-around-the-world, travelling 20,000 miles to raise awareness for the early diagnosis of cancer, and to raise funds for an orphanage in Kitezh, Russia.

Her international best-seller book ‘Just a little run around the world’ is Rosie’s understated yet gripping, heart-rending account of the resilience of the human spirit to passionately take hold of a noble dream, then triumph over every adversity in life, including the death of the love of her life to make it a reality.

Rosie is also an exceptional storyteller and inspiring corporate motivational speaker whose messages are full of the inspiring, life-enriching lessons we all need to hear in these challenging, uncertain times.



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Rosie Swale Pope - Show Reel 2019
Rosie Swale Pope - Show Reel 2019
Rosie Swale-Pope speaking at Night of Adventure 2019
Rosie Swale-Pope speaking at Night of Adventure 2019

Rosie was one of the highlights of LogiPharma 2018 and gave one of the most heart felt talks I have ever seen. Her enthusiasm and credibility run through absolutely everything she does, and a standing ovation from an auditorium of 800+ people says it all. If you are looking for someone to inspire and move an audience, with a truly incredible story, then Rosie is an excellent option.

Will Robinson
Conference Director
Red Kite Teaching School Alliance

Rosie has been an inspiration to 900 delegates at our Conference. Her honesty, good humour and endless positivity have been truly inspiring and has made this event a huge success. I cannot praise Rosie enough - what an amazing woman!

Richard Sheriff
The Platforum

Rosie spoke at a seminar we had for fund managers, insurance companies and financial advisers, and without exception everyone loved her talk. Rosie is extremely encouraging, motivating and unique. I had many unsolicited emails from delegates the following day and every email without exception included the word 'inspirational'. I cannot recommend Rosie enough. everyone warms to her, can relate to her and importantly can take something away from her. She is a Platforum favourite!

Holly Mackay
Managing Director
Unilever Global Leaders Conference

Rosie inspired the 420 Unilever Global Leaders with her extraordinary story and great courage, sharing with us valuable life lessons drawn from her experiences, and many have risen to her challenge.

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