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Simon is a Chartered Psychologist and managing partner with the award winning psychological insight and behaviour intervention consultancy, Innovationbubble.

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Simon specialises in bringing the latest psychological knowledge about people, emotions, decisions and needs into a room and making an audience consider how they might utilise that to improve experiences for themselves and others.

He often talks about non conscious aspects of behaviour and how our habits and motivations can be better understood with psychological principles. He uses day to day examples to bring an audience on a learning journey and his interactive style engages and inspires those he addresses.

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Simon has given keynote presentations to a wide range of professional audiences ranging from medical conferences, business symposiums, consumer events and private organizational functions. He has presented across the globe (Europe, Middle East, US etc) and been invited by government departments, CEO’s and charitable organisations to deliver the latest psychology research and how it might impact a target audience.



Simon and his psychology team have worked with well-known entertainment organisations (BBC, Universal, CH4 etc) as well as global brands (Fedex, Ted Baker, HSBC, SpaceNK, Microsoft, Sony, Aviva, HTC, Insurance, Ericsson, HSBC, SonyMusic, TalkTalk, Virgin Atlantic, Bupa, Microsoft, Unilever, Roche etc), in relation to the psychology of decision making and behaviour change (trust, persuasion, well being, purchase decisions, health choices, loyalty, emotional intelligence).

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Simon is also an author and has acted as an advisor to the UK and US government. He regularly appears on the TV and radio and in the press discussing psychology and its impact on behaviour in a wide range of sectors and situations.

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How to survive the Unsubscribe: Finding & keeping your most valuable subscribers
CX & INSIGHT Leaders 2018 - Beyond the Rationality of Product Features
CX & INSIGHT Leaders 2018 - Beyond the Rationality of Product Features

Simon gave an out of industry presentation at the annual Digital Travel Summit in London, and really brought something different and truly exciting to the conference. The audience were completely taken by his different approach to a vital topic, such as a customer engagement, and understanding why customers behave in certain ways. He was a fantastic and engaging speaker and a really competent and confident moderator, even with a topic not directly related to his current experience. I hope to and would be delighted to work with Simon in the future.'

'I thought I knew something about psychology. That was until Dr Simon Moore came to kick off our global organisation conference. In 45 minutes I learnt much more than I would have thought and Simon presented it in such a way as to bring you along on the journey and want to be part of it. Fascinating. His ability to explain complex things by using day to day examples that we can all relate to was especially clever. I would fully recommend him to speak to any audience. Psychology and human behaviour is fascinating to everyone and adds a topic of differentiation to any event'

'Simon joined us a speaker at the Savant eCommerce conference in London in 2018. He had some disruptive ideas to present to our audience and inspired thought-provoking discussions. Simon is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of psychology and is an excellent speaker to get involved if you want to fascinate, intrigue and inspire your audience!'

'Simon is exactly what you want from a speaker; engaging, inspiring, dynamic. His interactive workshop - focussed on breaking through the siloed behaviour faced in retail organisations was extremely well received. Simon's session was followed by a flurry of questions and ended with many delegates taking a picture of his email address! I would love to work with Simon on a future project and would highly recommend him to other Conference Directors looking for someone to liven-up and inspire their event audience'

'For anyone looking for a deeper insight into behavior and why we act the way we do, I'd strongly encourage them to invite Simon. He, and the team, are engaging, energetic and passionate and continually help others discover new ways of understanding through challenging themselves to think out-of-the-box. The feedback we receive is consistently excellent and Simon and the team are now a mainstay of our most successful conferences'

'Simon spoke at our marketing offsite and exceeded our expectations. He tailored the content to suit the investment market. This even included some initial research with key influencers in the industry. As a result, the content was very relevant and the team were thoroughly engaged. We are now looking at how we can incorporate Simon's thinking into our marketing'

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