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Skip Bowman is an inspirational keynote speaker, writer, and facilitator on transformational global leadership. With a strong foundation in Organizational Psychology and research, his programs catalyze growth, inspire cultural change and drive global collaboration. He is also an expert in leading organizations through crises like we are seeing today with COVID19.

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Skip is the creator of the ”Safe to Great” concept which is based on his own research and consulting on how to apply concepts of psychological safety and growth mindset in global companies. Soon available in a book, Skip has been sharing and implementing his ideas in leadership and organizational development projects for companies across the world for many years.

He is also the founder and Chief Transformational Officer at Global Mindset, a consultant company dedicated to making global organizations safe for great work. As all jobs become more global, every member of a company needs a global mindset: the ability to be confident and competent with the unknown and unusual.

Skip believes that the cognitive and emotional skills of a global mindset not only create inclusive workplaces, they also enable people to deal with and find innovative solutions in complex, ambiguous, and fast-paced work environments. When you can manage and thrive in complex cultural settings, you also have the skills to succeed in complex business settings. In this way, having a global mindset is correlated with having a more developed and sophisticated mind.

Skip coaches senior leaders and their teams in how to achieve transformations in business and culture through principles of “contagious change”: rapid, effective and sustainable change that is positive and self-catalyzing. His success builds on a combination of creating a powerful vision, designing creative concepts customized to the client, and fun to learn and use, as well as an ability to bring stakeholders from across the organization together in a strong coalition for change.

Globally savvy, he speaks at and leads workshops in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. He uses two working languages (Danish & English). He grew up in Perth, Australia and has spent the majority of the last 25 years based in Europe.

Skip’s approach is based on 4 values: Challenge, Explore, Create, and Inspire. For him, the key mission of leadership and organizational development is to inspire change with original training and consulting methods that touch the hearts and minds of leaders, helping them to see and feel the reality of global challenges, and find the courage to think and act differently.

During the last 20 years, Skip has worked with clients like Amcor, Merck, Danfoss, Siemens, Rambøll, BHP Billiton, Brüel & Kjær, HBM, GN, Ericsson, Nestlé, Mölnlycke, VELUX, SimCorp, and Tryg.



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skipwebsite promo
Growth Mindset with Skip Bowman and the Safe2Great concept
Growth Mindset with Skip Bowman and the Safe2Great concept
Skip Bowman on the future of work
Skip Bowman on the future of work
Skip Bowman on Global Leadership
Skip Bowman on Global Leadership

If you want your company to be ready and shaped for the future, if you want to gain better results and strengthen your effectiveness through better communication and internal collaboration, then call Skip!'

Kristian Poulsen

'Skip was both pleasant, funny and knowledgable - and inspiring to everyone who was at the meeting. Highly recommended to everyone who is searching for insights in cross-cultural work life.'

Emilie Fuglsang

'The presentations drove me to think, personally re-evaluate and consider how I was operating and what needed to change.'

Maria Nielssen

'Motivational, humoristic, empowering, developmental, inclusive and at times unconvential in an otherwise realtively conservative environment are just a few of Skips qualities.'

Martin Seest

'With an excellent blend of domain knowledge, understanding of Danish culture and aussie charm, Skip makes the psychology in cultures relevant and understandable.'

Klaus Elk

'Skip was running the organizational development for managers and potential managers. Skip was a very enthusiastic instructor and programme manager.'

Lars Trap

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