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Stefan Hyttfors

Acclaimed futurist, author and disruptive technologies global speaker

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As a keynote speaker, Stefan engages with his audience presenting insights on how innovation, disruptive technologies and behavioural change affects the worlds of business and social issues. His mission is to inspire as many people as possible to look to the future and embrace change.

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Stefan Hyttfors is an acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker who focuses on disruptive technologies, behavioural change and next-generation leadership.

Stefan has a background as a journalist and economist and has also been twice awarded the Swedish speaker of the year.

As a keynote speaker, Stefan talks about how digitalisation and networking technologies produce inequality and an unsustainable consumption of resources more visible and therefore less acceptable.

He also talks about how this is the foundation for a new economic system that will allow us to create more value with fewer resources. Helping mankind to stay within the planetary means and to meet the basic needs of every human being on the planet.

Stefan also explains how we are all at the beginning of the beginning of a new era. The global corporations, leaders and brands we will talk about in ten years time have not even started yet. The true definition of ROI in the 21st century is the ‘Risk of Ignorance’ and not taking action.



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Stefan Hyttfors on "The Risk of Ignorance"
Stefan Hyttfors on "The Risk of Ignorance"
Stefan Hyttfors - Futurist Keynote Speaker - Network Society
Stefan Hyttfors - Futurist Keynote Speaker - Network Society
Stefan Hyttfors - Keynote Speaker on Disruptive Change
Stefan Hyttfors - Keynote Speaker on Disruptive Change
Stefan Hyttfors Speaker on Future Business Trends
Stefan Hyttfors Speaker on Future Business Trends

Stefan is a combination of a stand up comedian and thoughtful key note speaker. He delivers energy and laughs while at the same time making you reflect upon todays challenges and how to tackle the unknown future. We really appreciated his key note and I highly recommend him if you want an inspiring talk about change. He was also very easy to work with.

Alexander Westerdahl
Stockholm International School

We were very impressed with Stefan´s thoughtful contributions to our Nobel night. He gave us food for thought regarding the challenges of providing a 21st century education whilst the speed of change, combined with oncoming advances in AI, are part of our reality

Maria Isabel Leon
DNB Finans

Stefan entertained us with an extremely engaging speech, exciting as well as frightening visions on how exponential growth in digital technologies will disrupt the financial industry and our daily life.
The audience gave Stefan top score, best in conference.

Roger Augdal Olsen
Head of Strategy and Business Development
Cushman & Wakefield

I seldom find myself transfixed by a speaker. You, the content of your talk, your humor were truly memorable. Thank you!

Joanne Podell
Executive Vice Chairman

Stefan captivated our entire audience at our annual customer conference. Our audience was charmed by his talk about change to their field and industry; I found myself repeating his anecdotes time after time in the weeks following the event.

Scott McFarlane

Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation to our Group Management Conference. The clarity of your presentation and the link to our business environment was excellent and will be of great support for our managers.

Jean-Luc Ferraton
Chief HR Office

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