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Susan Greenfield

Neuroscientist who specialises in ideas about consciousness and identity.

  • Best selling popular science author, Baroness, broadcaster and Oxford Professor
  • Britain's best-known neuroscientist
  • Believes the digital world is physically changing our brains and altering the way we think.
  • Specialist in ideas about consciousness and identity.

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She is a charismatic communicator with a talent for presenting complex scientific ideas to a general audience.

Speaking Topics

  • The future of the mind
  • Consciousness
  • The neuroscience of creativity
  • Science, policy and politics
  • Dementia: current and future prospects
  • How the brain works
  • Women in science


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Books By Susan Greenfield

  • Brain Power: Working out the Human Mind (2000)
  • The Human Brain: A Guided Tour (1997)
  • The Human Mind Explained (1996)
  • Mindwaves: Thoughts on Intelligence, Identity and Consciousness (1987)
  • Journey to the Centres of The Mind: Towards a Science of Consciousness (1995)
  • Ego: The Neuroscience of the Self (2001)
  • The Private Life of the Brain (2000)
  • Journey to the Centres of the Brain (1994)
  • Brain Story: Unlocking Your Inner World of Emotions, Memories, and Desires (2001)
  • Tomorrow's People: How 21st-Century Technology is Changing the Way We Think and Feel (2003)
  • ID: The Quest for Meaning in the 21st Century (2009)
  • You and Me The Neuroscience of Identity (2011)
  • 2121: A Story for the 22nd Century (2013)

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