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Bring the outside world in. Sharpen your business strategy with Thimon De Jong, a strategic foresight expert and passionate, interactive speaker

Examining how human behaviour and culture influence business has never been more important. Syncing a business strategy with rapid societal changes and dynamic human behaviour is a challenge. Luckily, a new style of expert has emerged, with De Jong proving one of the most successful. Able to use socio-economic and cultural change to meet the strategic needs of different industries, it is little wonder he is becoming one of the most sought after speakers of his generation.

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Thimon de Jong (TrendsActive) on the Millennial women - in charge & role models
Thimon de Jong (TrendsActive) on the Millennial generation - two realities

Speaker Profile

About Thimon de Jong

Over the past ten years de Jong has worked for organizations like Ikea, Deloitte, Tetra Pak, Aon, Samsung, Citywire, RTL and GDF Suez.

After studying cultural studies and international business, he wrote his Master’s thesis on subcultures and started his working career in journalism.

In his role as editor-in-chief of a youth magazine he discovered his passion for interdisciplinary people research and started working as a youth and media researcher for Science of the Time and FreedomLab Future Studies. In 2007, de Jong took the role of Insights and Strategy director for TrendsActive, an international trend interpretation agency. In this role, he travelled the world consulting and presenting to numerous multinational companies. In 2010 he starred as a jury member in Holland’s Best Idea - a primetime TV-show. In 2011 he co-produced an executive programme for decision makers at Utrecht University on the topic of using sociocultural trends for strategic decision making. De Jong is also one of the main lecturers in this programme.

In 2014 he started Whetston / strategic foresight, a think tank on socio-economic and cultural changes that are relevant for strategic decision making. His company specializes in keynote presentations and workshops.

De Jong is still linked to TrendsActive as an associate partner.

Over the past ten years, de Jong has addressed international congresses and has spoken for companies and organisations including Vodafone, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Philips, Ikea, Tetra Pak and Asics. He is determined not only to inform his audience of theories and facts but also to provide them with practical advice on how to utilise the information and help their business grow. 

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Director of own strategic foresight think tank Whetston
  • Expert in the use of socio cultural trends to improve business strategy.
  • Teaches at Utrecht University on how sociocultural trends can be used to improve business strategy.


Thimon speaks English and Dutch.

Speaking Style

Charismatic, passionate and interactive. As one of the most engaging speakers in the world, De Jong grabs any audience with a combination of research, visuals, stories and practical business tools. Described by clients as ‘memorable intellectual entertainment.’

Speaking Topics

Digital Balance

The whole of society is increasingly looking for a sane ‘digital balance’ in their lives. The youngest generations are virtually addicted to being connected but at the same time, they are the first ones that are disconnecting as well. As the next wave of tech (internet of things, wearables, robotics) has only just started, how can we expect people to respond? And: how can a business stay ‘human’ in this rapid digitalisation?

Smart Customisation & The Privacy Frontier

The tech wave after the internet of things and wearables will be a converging one: Technology will automatically customise all products and services to the individual customer - with the use of (big) data. Consumers already start to demand a customised approach and companies will have to adopt 'smart customised strategies’ as soon as possible. Privacy is still an issue, especially for the older generations, but the so-called ‘privacy frontier’ is moving rapidly towards more transparency.

Trust Transition

In a world with an abundance of choice and unlimited information, trust is slowly, but steadily moving away from the 'formal and institutionalised' towards the 'personal and informal'. The p2p economy, sharing economy and open innovation start-up attitude have been thriving in this shift. They are coming of age and are being combined with traditional business models into, potentially, the business models of the future.

Future Morality

This keynote deep dives into the shifting perception of society on morality/ethics. The world struggles with the power we have given to laws, rules and numbers to define what is right & wrong. But where to go next? This topic is fueled by the rapid developments in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence): as the lines between man & machine are blurring spectacularly: how can we program human ethics in there? 

Generation Z (born from 1998 - now)

Are you ready for the REAL next generation? Move over Millennials, we have heard too much about you for too long. Welcome Gen Z! And yes, they are different. These modest entrepreneurial teens have entered the world of work years ago. Wise beyond their years, they approach the world with a raw & fresh perspective. Understanding the main characteristics of Gen Z will prove to be a wake-up call to any future-oriented professional that is interested in the next generation of customers ánd colleagues.

Future Human Behaviour in the City of the Future

In this talk, strategic foresight expert Thimon de Jong will deep dive into how people will behave in the future. How will societies and cities develop the coming years and how can we expect people to respond? What will the human response to the (future) digitalisation and automation of society be? With a closer look at the next generations (the Millennials and Generation Z): how do they want to live and what do they want from a future city?


"At our event Thimon scored a 9.5 (on a scale from 1-10), which has never happened before. He has excellent presentation skills and great content. He is also a very fun, creative and reliable person to work with." - Events Academy Event 2013 Insight, inspiration and wonder.

"Thimon presented by way of storytelling in a natural manner which kept the attention of the audience." Deloitte 

"Brillant, Brilliant speaker. Intellectual approach & entertaining. One of the best and most meaningful speaker I listened to over the last months. Exceptional speaker, outstanding and shocking." - Citywire Fund Selector Events 2013

"His expert views put a totally new light on current reality, and, most importantly, where to go next." - IKEA

"Best presenter I've ever seen or heard." - Pepsico Russia

"Loved the passion of Thimon's presentation!" - World Yacht Racing Forum 2013

"Thimon definitely belongs to the category of excellent speakers. He grasps the audience from beginning to end with his lively presentations. These are rooted in solid scientific research, but made tangible by using great stories and cases." - Utrecht University

"One presentation from Thimon is enough to make you want to hire him again! And so we did at Hunkemoller! He is an engaging speaker with expert knowledge. Sure to help your business further and a great opportunity to learn about the world around us." - Hunkemoller

"Thimon's opening keynote presentation was very inspiring and he set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. He was able to bring the right energy into the room. I would strongly recommend him for a talk about (fact based) change." - UN World Happiness Event 2013

"Absolutely brilliant!" "A wonderful presentation, utterly fascinating." "The highlight of the event for me." "It was a great honour to watch your presentation at Future Sponsorship. It was amazing." - IIR's Future sponsorship conference 2013

"Thimon is able to create order in a hectic and chaotic world. He captivates the crowd with a well-prepared and trustworthy style of presenting." - Beeckestijn Business School 

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