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Tim Willcox is one of the most widely watched presenters on BBC News. Anchoring in the studio and on location Tim presents on BBC1, BBC World and News Channel, along with BBC radio outlets, and has covered most of the big breaking news stories of the past 20 years.

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Tim Willcox’s background

His work has included leading the BBC on the ground coverage of the bailout in Athens, the Alps plane crash, the Charlie Hebdo shootings and mass rally in Paris, the Arab Spring from Egypt and front line in Libya, the crisis in Ukraine, the Chilean Miners where he spent a month in the Atacama Desert, the Japanese Tsunami, Iraq and the Euro crisis.

Tim is used to interviewing Prime Ministers and Presidents, leading international politicians and opinion formers. As a former ITN correspondent and presenter Tim reported widely from the Middle East (Iraq, Israel, Jordan), Africa (including the Rwanda genocide), and 9/11 (New York and Washington). He was also ITV’s Arts and Media correspondent.

Tim is an experienced host and moderator for conferences and debates and is in high demand on the corporate circuit. He is fluent in Spanish and speaks good French.



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Tim Willcox w George Berbari & Dr. Parag Khanna
Tim Willcox w George Berbari & Dr. Parag Khanna

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