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One of Europe’s most acknowledged futurists & renowned authority on innovation

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Vito Di Bari shows organisations how emerging technologies will transform their businesses and how to beat the competition.

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The Innovation Designer for the World Expo 2015, Executive Director at United Nations’ UNESCO in Paris and Professor of Design and Management of Innovation at Polytechnic University of Milan, Di Bari is one of the most influential futurists in the world. He has published 11 books on innovation and hosted the show “Live from the Future” on the Discovery Channel.

Named Big Thinker 2014, Vito is considered by many to be the thought leader of the tech-driven design movement Neo-Futurism. The Financial Times defined him as “the Guru of Innovation and Design”; the Nobel Laureate for Economics, Kenneth Arrow said, “Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Concrete dreams, based on solid facts”.

An inspirational speaker with a dash of humour who literally shows the future on stage, Vito’s keynotes combine depth of strategy with the magic of entertainment. Founded on a solid scientific approach, his presentations include the unveiling of new technologies and a detailed forecasting of medium-term business trends.

His background as United Nation’s IMI UNESCO Executive Director and university professor is harmoniously paired with his showmanship style to create memorable storytelling using custom films on theatrical screens, humour and the occasional coup de théâtre to demonstrate the future and illustrate to his audiences how their lives will change in the next 5 to 15 years.

Vito tailors his keynotes for every event, recounting the stories of evolution of individual business segments, uncovering the future way of working in those industries and unveiling the future competition in those markets.

How Vito Di Bari presents:

Telling stories of the individuals responsible for pivotal moments throughout history while echoing the works of artists, writers and philosophers, all narrated as an enchanting tale of the never-ending challenge of human civilization with metaphors, paradoxes and a lot of humour.

Live interactions with the audience to sprinkle in extemporaneous brainstorming, blitz surveys, Q&A’s and even dancing. Add a dash of live tweets to and from the people in the room, tweeting infographics and receiving back comments in real time.



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The Great Reset. A new business renaissance.
The Great Reset. A new business renaissance.
Beyond Coronavirus - The Future of Business
Beyond Coronavirus - The Future of Business
Vito Di Bari: Beyond Coronavirus - The Future of Business
Vito Di Bari: Beyond Coronavirus - The Future of Business
TEDxSalford - Vito Di Bari - Innovation Design
TEDxSalford - Vito Di Bari - Innovation Design
Vito Di Bari - Keynote Speaker of Business Innovation Trends
Vito Di Bari - Keynote Speaker of Business Innovation Trends

Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Feasible dreams, based on solid facts.'

Kenneth Arrow
Nobel Prize for Economics
H. Consul of Estonia

'Di Bari is a visionary who has the ability to understand where innovation is going.'

Emma Marcegaglia
President of Confindustria Italy
Innovation Design

'Vito Di Bari's keynote is the best I ever seen. He goes through the next business trends, the emerging technologies and how they will change the way we work and tells how to use this knowledge to compete in the business arena. The, the gran finale: Vito shows the future as it will be on big screen and comments it live with symphonic music in the background. The effect is spectacular, the audience is fascinated and inspired.'

The Financial Times

'He is the new European guru of innovation.'

H. Consul of Estonia

'Vito Di Bari was just superb! Not just because of how he delivered his interesting content and perspectives, but most of all for having achieved the engaged presence of the top echelon of the Executive Branch, the relevant ministers to the issue at hand, the highest level private sector representation and the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, for the full length of his dynamic talk.'

Rosendo Alvarez III
Accenture Italy

'Vito Di Bari is a visionary on Innovation, a great leader and a fantastic speaker. He was a guest speaker with terrific impact.'

Fabio Benasso

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