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Celebrating the MIPAD Class of 2024 Honorees

The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) has unveiled its Class of 2024, spotlighting individuals who are making a profound impact globally.
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The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) has unveiled its Class of 2024, spotlighting individuals who are making a profound impact globally. This prestigious recognition underscores the importance of celebrating the trailblazers of African descent who are leading across various sectors, showcasing leadership, innovation, and commitment to progress.


The MIPAD initiative stands as a global civil society effort aligning with the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent, which spans from 2015 to 2024. It aims to identify and honour individuals from the African diaspora who excel in public and private sectors worldwide, fostering a network of influential figures who push for justice, recognition, and development.

The Global Top 100 Futurist & Innovators List

MIPAD - The Global Top 100 Futurist & Innovators List

In alignment with World Creativity and Innovation Day, MIPAD is proud to announce the Class of 2024 honorees in the Global Top 100 Futurist & Innovators List. This special recognition celebrates visionaries who are pioneering changes in technology, creativity, and societal development. The honorees are distinguished in three impactful categories: Afrofuturism & Creatives, Futurists, and Innovators & Changemakers, each dedicated to advancing unique and innovative solutions that shape our world.

MIPAD - Top 100 under 40 list

Following the announcement of the Futurists and Innovators, MIPAD also highlights the Global Top 100 Under 40 List. This list features young leaders who excel in diverse fields such as politics, entrepreneurship, activism, and cultural endeavours. These individuals are recognized for their significant contributions to enhancing the visibility and advancement of people of African descent globally.

Impact on Representation and Diversity

Recognizing these exceptional leaders not only honours their individual accomplishments but also promotes broader goals of diversity and representation in global leadership. Each honoree’s journey is a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the profound impact that individuals of African descent can have in driving positive change in their communities and industries.


At Speakers Associates, we are committed to supporting and amplifying the voices of those recognized by MIPAD. By showcasing these diverse leadership stories on global platforms, we play an essential role in fostering an inclusive international dialogue, inspiring audiences everywhere with the power of diverse perspectives and innovation.

We invite our audience to join us in celebrating the achievements of the MIPAD Class of 2024. Their resilience, creativity, and leadership continue to make a significant impact across the globe. For more insights into their remarkable contributions and to learn more about the MIPAD initiative, visit the MIPAD official website. Together, let’s acknowledge and support the vital role of diversity and innovation in shaping a better future.