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Owen O’Kane is a former NHS Clinical Lead for mental health in London and Sunday Times best-selling author of ‘Ten To Zen’, which is a quick and simple mental workout that allows us to focus on what’s important – our mental wellbeing.

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About Owen O’Kane

  • Ten To Zen shot to no.3 on Amazon’s best seller’s list
  • Sunday Times best seller
  • Published in 13 countries including China, Russia and USA
  • As featured on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, Daily Telegraph, The Times, BBC News, ITV News, TalkRadio to name a few
  • Once spent 3 years in a monastery and has worked as a palliative nurse caring for the dying

Owen has over 25 years experience in the mental health sector, he is a former NHS Mental Health Clinical lead and he now runs a successful private practice in London. This experience has provided Owen with the necessary skills to analyse any mental, emotional, or stress related issue with the upmost efficiency. He believes that a great mind warrants unprecedented improvements for every aspect of daily working life.

His book, Ten To Zen provides a mapped out plan to help quieten, calm, and control the mind. He aims to improve mental clarity, and put an end to unhelpful thought patterns. Owen has condensed a lifetime of experience into an exceptional book, and wants to share this through speeches and workshops.

Owen does not shy away from documenting his personal struggles, be it grief, devastation, or his battle to come to terms with his own sexuality. This vulnerability makes his talks highly engaging, and relatable. He avoids jargon and academia, he instead uses workshops, and draws upon his own experiences, to highlight the importance of prioritising a happy, healthy mind.



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Hospice UK HR Conference - Owen O'Kane
Hospice UK HR Conference - Owen O'Kane
Universal Content Group

The feedback we have gotten from the team is fantastic and I think it will have long reaching benefits. Owens message has really resonated with all of those that came. I am also seeing people that were not there asking those that were to share the tips which is great for team spirit. Many thanks for sharing your time and expertise with us Owen.'

Helen Parker

'A highly competent, knowledgeable mental health professional with a substantial range of expertise that sets him apart in his field. He delivers with passion, enthusiasm and energy.'

Linda Hurst

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