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Stuart Sandeman helps individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential through coaching and breath work.

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His talks explores how we can use the breath to hack our brain activity to increase energy, productivity, communication, confidence, focus and improve emotional intelligence, decision making, concentration, sleep and memory.

Stuart’s revelatory talks also show how we can use the breath to access blocked or low vibrational energy held in our cellular memory such as old unfelt emotions, negative thoughts, unresolved traumas and fully integrate them to optimize our physical, mental and emotional health.

Stuart’s recent clients have included Google, Nike, Propercorn, Fulham FC, Quickbooks and Virgin Money.

If anyone knows the importance of making the most out of life, a positive mindset and following your heart, it’s Breathpod’s Stuart Sandeman.

His pursuit for optimum performance began on a judo mat. While competing for the Scottish judo team, he developed a winning mindset and learned the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and goal setting. This combination of physical and mental determination led him to become a 1st Dan judo black belt and coach for the University of Leeds judo squad.

Stuart’s mental and physical strength has served him well in life. Having established a successful career working in the fast-paced finance markets of the UK and Asia, career lanes came in 2011 while working in Japan and being affected by the devastating Tsunami. Realising how limited one’s time is on earth, he decided to follow his passion for music and became a respected record producer and international DJ.

He took another life-defining decision when his girlfriend tragically died after a battle with cancer. After reassessing his direction, he decided to study coaching and breathwork to help others flourish.

Stuart then set up his business, Breathpod, which delivers unique breathing programmes that help individuals, groups and businesses harness their full potential.

He is also a director of global coaching organisation Mindful Talent delivering one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops and talks to businesses including Google, Sky and Dropbox.



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Breathing Through Grief & Adversity: Stuart Sandeman Interview
Breathing Through Grief & Adversity: Stuart Sandeman Interview

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