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How to Harness a Champion’s Mindset for Business Success with Anna Hemmings

Anna Hemmings, six-time world champion and elite performance coach, shares her mindset strategies for achieving high performance in business.
Anna Hemmings, Keynote Speaker

Table of Contents

In this interview, we’re thrilled to welcome Anna Hemmings, a six-time world champion kayaker turned elite performance coach and motivational speaker.

Anna shares her incredible journey from the highs of winning world titles to the lows of battling chronic fatigue syndrome. She digs into the powerful lessons learned from sports psychology and how they translate into achieving sustained high performance in business.

Join us as Anna provides actionable insights and inspiring stories that will help you unlock your potential and achieve your ambitious goals.

Here’s what you’ll see in this video

  • Journey from Sports to Speaking: Anna discusses how her experience as a world champion kayaker and the lessons learned from sports psychology led her to a career in professional speaking and coaching.
  • Overcoming Setbacks: Insights into how Anna overcame chronic fatigue syndrome, the toughest setback of her career, and what drove her to return to her sport.
  • Applying Sports Psychology to Business: Strategies for translating principles from elite sports to the business world, focusing on personal development and sustaining high performance.
  • Impactful Storytelling: Techniques Anna uses to ensure her messages resonate and have a lasting impact on her audience.
  • Starting Your High-Performance Journey: Essential advice for those beginning their journey towards high performance, emphasizing the importance of ambition, support, and self-belief.
  • Building World-Class Teams: Anna’s experience in team kayaking and how it informs her approach to building trust and cohesion within teams for world-class success.

About Anna Hemmings

Anna Hemmings is a renowned performance coach, motivational speaker, and six-time world champion kayaker. Known for her resilience and determination, Anna’s career highlights include representing Great Britain in two Olympic Games and overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome to return to elite competition.

As a speaker, she combines her sports experience with insights from sports psychology to help individuals and organizations achieve high performance. Anna’s engaging storytelling and practical strategies inspire audiences to unlock their potential and excel both personally and professionally. To discover more about Anna Hemmings, visit her profile.