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Imagine that you are living a wonderful life, your professional life is blooming, lots of exciting expectations ahead. One morning you decide to go for a break and enjoy your favorite sport, and all of the sudden all that is gone. You are alone and trying to survive the next hour.

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This is Alvaro’s story, a man who spent 48 hours fighting for his life hanging from a cliff, trying to figure out what to do to survive. Trying to understand what is really important and why he has to make his way back into life. Knowing that everything will be different from that moment onward. Álvaro broke his hip and injured himself badly. With no food and water and struggling to survive.

Alvaro spent more than a decade helping his clients to generate business dynamic for more 20M euros, he had everything, money, business, friends, a girlfriend and possibilities, however he felt that something was always missing, something was wrong on this perfect picture. Until one day looking for his perfect wave to ride on he found what was missing, himself.

The story of this miracle, the spirit of struggle and self-improvement told in the first person generates in each person an urgent call for life. A message of acceptance and sincerity with oneself. An experience that gives every person an opportunity to look inside their lives to cherish all those moments of sincerity and appreciate their own process which is what really matters.

Alvaro shares with the audience that we have ten times more force than we imagine if we get out of self-imposed limitations. Fear as a guide to be the best version of oneself, the key factor of this formula, that’s why he calls his talk “Radical Acceptance”

Alvaro was an expert on tourism marketing, this extreme experience led him to dedicate his life to psychology, transpersonal psychology and coaching studies. Now he is dedicated to transform people’s lives with his talks. He recently published his book SOLO and Netflix has launched internationally a movie with his amazing story.

Alvaro uses real images of the rescue, places and the movie to generate a real atmosphere in his talks. This is a story on how to move though uncertainty, decision-making and transformation, which leads the audience to a profound self-introspection.



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Alvaro Vizcaino SOLO "Aceptación Radical"
Alvaro Vizcaino SOLO "Aceptación Radical"
entrevista ÁLVARO VIZCAÍNO protagonista real de 'Solo'
entrevista ÁLVARO VIZCAÍNO protagonista real de 'Solo'

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