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Dr Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuroscientist as well as Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio, the world’s first neuro-design studio.

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Beau Lotto’s Background

The lab creates unique real-world ‘experiential-experiments’ that places the public at the centre of the process of discovery. By spanning social and personal boundaries between people, brands and institutions, the Lab’s aim is to create, expand and apply their insights into what it is to be a perceiving human.

Public engagement, in the broadest sense, is at the core of what Beau does. By enabling people to experience what it is to be a scientist, Lotto’s aim is to encourage them to see science not as an academic investigation but as a way of being that is relevant to every aspect of their lives.

Beau Lotto has always looked outside the lab environment in order to collaborate with those who share his interest in exploring different ways of seeing – and doing – things, be they scientists, artists, musicians, educationalists, designers or entire businesses. As a result, his domain is as much a creative studio as a lab, whose output ranges from art installations and visual illusions to workshops designed for corporate leaders.

Lotto’s ambitious ideas about the relevance of science to ordinary people have taken him to places where few other scientists have ventured – including into exhibition space inside the world’s best-known Science Museum, in London, where Lab of Misfits was resident from 2010–12. While at the museum, Lab of Misfits pushed public engagement in science to new levels by involving the public directly in experiments. Lotto’s education programme led to the publication of the first-ever, peer-reviewed scientific paper written by school children.

Beau Lotto is currently a Professor at University London Goldsmiths College and a Visiting Scholar at NYU.

In 2017, Beau Lotto published his first major book, Deviate The Science of Seeing Differently. He draws on over two decades of pioneering research to explain that our brain hasn’t evolved to see the world accurately.



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Thriving in Uncertain Times | Beau Lotto
Thriving in Uncertain Times | Beau Lotto
The neuroscience of perception and how digital can unite us - Beau Lotto
The neuroscience of perception and how digital can unite us - Beau Lotto
"Play" is a Way of Being | Beau Lotto & Isabel Behncke | Google Zeitgeist
"Play" is a Way of Being | Beau Lotto & Isabel Behncke | Google Zeitgeist
Dr  Beau Lotto – Is creativity actually creative?
Dr Beau Lotto – Is creativity actually creative?
How To Academy

I'm writing a short note (for now) to thank Beau for his incredible presentation yesterday. In 17 short minutes he managed to change the way that our audience perceived themselves and the world around them. Not only did he manage to excite them about his own work but he closed the morning session on a high that left them wanting more in the afternoon. We hope that he enjoyed speaking for the how to: Academy and look forward to reading more about his work in the future.'


'I simply adore these talks. Beau Lotto is one of those who studies a specific subject, such as our adaptation to illusions, primarily optical, that can be applied to any subject of human studies. For instance, it matters not what tools, wealth, knowledge, physical features, etc. we are granted in life, but rather how we choose to use them. Apply this to a scenario and you'll understand.'

London Science Museum

'Beau Lotto has been resident in the Science Museum for the past year. He has created a lab and a series of programmes that is like no other; it's not too far from the truth to describe his time here as like having a Renaissance man in our midst - Beau blends art, science, curiosity, illusion and music to entertain children, adults and scientists alike. The programmes that the studio have put together with the Museum are also truly inspirational and life-enhancing... I believe that our visitors will be strongly influenced and inspired by Beau and the Lab, and our mission must be to get as many people exposed to this opportunity as we can.'


'The event went very well. The speaker reacted very positively to a last minute change in the programme for which we were extremely grateful! Beau Lotto's speech was very pertinent and he involved the audience which is important at UFI meetings.'


'It was amazing! Sometimes a vision can be a little extreme but in this case, we absolutely nailed it. We have had over 50 emails and messages talking about how it was the most unique event experience they have ever had and how in some cases, it was life changing.'


'What a knockout! The feedback from all the members was fantastic, thank you very much. I have already had some interest from another multinational company who unfortunately were not at the meeting. I shall continue talking to other senior member executives in our membership as I think your material really is fantastic.'


'I worked with Beau Lotto for a film I made for the BBC2 science series 'Horizon'. Beau was our main contributor and organised an experiment, involving 200 people, which took place at the Science Museum and was the main thread through the film. Beau was great to work with - very creative, highly ambitious and with incredible energy. His communications skills are quite something to behold: when dealing with the volunteers from the public for the experiment, he held them in the palm of his hand and infected them with his enthusiasm. Respected by his peers and looked up to by his students he is someone who people like to listen to and learn from. I'd love the chance to work with him again.'

Darwin Healthcare Communications

'Our client saw Dr Beau Lotto on the Horizon programme and they were so impressed that they were interested in having him present at their annual glaucoma meeting. Dr Lotto was very accommodating from start to finish and his enthusiastic nature was refreshing. Dr Lotto's presentation was interactive, educational and entertaining. Both the client and delegates thoroughly enjoyed the nature of the presentation and it provided a welcome break from the seriousness of the meeting. On a personal note, Dr Lotto was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive to correspondence and a real character on site. I would happily recommend Dr Lotto to anyone interested in having him speak in a public capacity.'


'Beau was very energetic and his slides were visually appealing. His presentation style leaves delegates listening to every word and his enthusiasm for the topic helps engage the audience into what he is saying. He speaks about things that affect everyone and appeals to all types of audiences. He was a pleasure to work with, arrived on time and worked to the brief he was given without any fuss.'

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