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A world-leading authority on U.S. Diplomatic, National Security and Foreign Policy

James Rubin: Biography highlights

James Rubin is a former policy advisor and diplomat in the Clinton administration. He is an internationally renowned foreign affairs journalist, academic, and a world-leading authority on U.S. diplomatic, national security and foreign policy.

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James Rubin’s Background

As a specialist in international affairs, James is an ideal candidate to comment and to educate audiences on current world affairs.

Rubin served as Assistant Secretary of State and Chief Spokesman for the State Department under President Bill Clinton. Rubin also worked as a top policy advisor to Madeleine Albright during one of the USA’s most challenging periods in foreign diplomatic relations.

He also served on Hillary Clinton’s team during her first presidential campaign before working as her policy advisor when she was Secretary of State. He was also an adviser to President Obama.

Rubin acted as a special negotiator during the Kosovo crisis to secure the demobilisation of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

He went to work in Washington after he completed his studies in politics and international affairs. He then moved on to join the Clinton administration.

Rubin left government office to become a Visiting Professor at the LSE and worked in the media on both sides of the Atlantic, which included time as anchor of Sky News’ World News Tonight programme. He also advised John Kerry on national security issues during his presidential campaign.

Rubin returned to the US to oversee Bloomberg News’ editorials on the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He left the business to return to academia serving as a commissioner in the New York transport service.

He moved to London to take up a post at Oxford University’s Rothermere American Institute writing extensively on US politics and foreign affairs.

During the Clinton administration, Rubin brought his negotiating skills to the attention of the international arena when he was confronted by the media’s cameras on a daily basis.

He now works as a political journalist, writing for The Sunday Times’ column on foreign affairs and publishing in various other magazines and papers.

As a keynote speaker, he offers insights on current events and the mechanics of government. He also engages his audience drawing from the hands-on experience of US policy-making and assessing the consequences of global economic, military and diplomatic activities.


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James Rubin discusses Clinton's foreign policy
James Rubin discusses Clinton's foreign policy

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