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Born in Madrid, Javier studied in Spain, London and Paris, while also taking part in top international equestrian competitions.

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Javier Goyeneche’s background

In 1995, he founded Fun & Basics, specialising in contemporary fashion handbags and accessories which resulted in Javier winning the Best Young Entrepreneur of Madrid in 2005.

Javier sold his first company in 2012, the clothing and accessories chain Fun & Basics and is now putting his efforts into Ecoalf, a project he began in 2009 and which is becoming a global benchmark for sustainability and fashion. His vision involves recycling waste plastic in order to turn it into fabrics and materials that are of the same quality as conventional products and are both attractive and ethical.

In 2012 he launched ECOALF, a fashion and design company with the mission to reduce the amount of waste in the world by using recycled materials to produce fashionable consumer goods, including outerwear, swimwear, casual apparel, shoes and accessories. ECOALF products are now sold in the most prestigious department stores and specialty retailers. It is also becoming a global benchmark for sustainability and fashion.

Most recently ECOALF has made collaborations with companies like Apple, Swatch , Coolhunting , Coca- Cola, Will-I-Am and many more.


ECOALF is a fashion company that created a new 100% recycled filament, Sea Yarn, which is made of the plastic bottle collection found in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

The sea yarn is further used to create high-quality fabrics which ECOALF turns into a new generation of sustainable products.

Through this process, one sweatshirt alone saves 6200 litres of water. ECOALF designs and makes fashion clothes, footwear and accessories for women, men and children.


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Upcycling the Oceans - Javier Goyeneche (ECOALF) #TOA18
Upcycling the Oceans - Javier Goyeneche (ECOALF) #TOA18
FashionSustain 2018: Javier Goyeneche, Ecoalf
FashionSustain 2018: Javier Goyeneche, Ecoalf

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