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Mick Mahoney

Author, Creative Partner & Owner of Harbour Collective

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Mick Mahoney is a highly awarded advertising writer and creative director, Cannes and one show grand prix winner, D&AD multiple pencil winner, lecturer in advertising, co-author of the creative nudge and a fascinating speaker.

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Mick Mahoney Creativity Speaker

Mick Mahoney is a passionate believer that we are all born creative, but a combination of nature and nurture strips it out of us bit by bit. His mission is to help everyone to rediscover their creativity, because as the late Edward de Bono said: creativity makes life more fun and more interesting.

And who doesn’t want life to be more fun and more interesting?

Using simple and accessible behavioural science ‘nudges’ Mick can help you to bring creativity into whatever field you are in, even a big muddy one!

There’s creativity in every industry, every walk of life. Breakthroughs in science or technology don’t come by accepting what people have already told us. The future is in the hands of creative thinkers.

Creativity demands that you force your brain out of autopilot. Engage it. Train it to accept new things. Creativity is being brave enough to do new things in new ways – exhilarated by the challenge and the fear. It’s about taking risks. Being open to new ideas. Turning your back on the familiar and the ordinary. It’s about being extraordinary.

Yes, of course it’s a bit scary. But where would the fun be if it wasn’t?




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