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Raha Moharrak

Raha Moharrak is the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest

Raha Moharrak: Biography highlights

For as long as she can remember, Raha Moharrak, always a curious child, dreamt of challenging adventures, seeing the world and perhaps even channeling it.

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Raha Moharrak’s background

From a young age, her eccentricity was obvious. Blessed with parents who never asked her to change they taught her to dream big and live even bigger. Raising her with the belief that life is what she makes of it and her dreams are a reflection of the endlessness of her capabilities.

Raha Moharrak graduated with a bachelor’s in Visional Communications from the American University of Sharjah before starting her career at a leading advertising agency. However, Raha’s life changed the day she summited Kilimanjaro and challenged herself, her society and her culture. It was there, between the clouds, standing on Africa’s roof that she saw that her spirit could no longer be silenced and that nothing could hold her back from her love of adventure.

Kilimanjaro opened the doors to 8 more summits but her love affair with altitude was insatiable and her curiosity as to where her limits were grew fierce. Just when she thought she found them she set eyes on Everest and the dream that turned her into an accidental role model was born. On May 18th, 2013, a year after seeing the legendary mountain, Raha made history by being the first Saudi woman to summit Everest, forever proving we can attempt the impossible and maybe even achieve it no matter where we are from.

She’s living proof that if children are raised confident, curious and un-apologetically who they are then they are capable of anything. Even for a Saudi woman to stand on top of the world.

Only now, due to her bold efforts and those of others, is the government acknowledging the link between sport and health – and the necessity to provide it for the next generations.

“If I, a Hijazi girl from Jeddah, was able to literally stand on top of the world because I believe myself capable of doing it, then what are they capable of doing themselves?”



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Raha Moharrak | Achieving Dreams with Passion
Raha Moharrak | Achieving Dreams with Passion
Being the First Saudi Woman To Climb 7 Summits | Raha Moharrak | Talks at Google
Being the First Saudi Woman To Climb 7 Summits | Raha Moharrak | Talks at Google
Saudi Arabian athlete Raha Moharrak on turning ‘no' into a positive
Saudi Arabian athlete Raha Moharrak on turning ‘no' into a positive
Sporting Change Forum, TAG Heuer

Raha exceeded our expectations, Not only is she articulate in describing her personal adventures and goals, but relating them to the audience so that her points resonate. The audience consisted of leading sports governing board members, corporate and broadcast sponsors, leading non-governmental and governmental policy makers, journalists, and fellow athletes. She held all in thrall. Raha is poised and confident. She delivered beyond our expectations by stepping up when we had technical difficulties. I couldn't recommend Raha highly enough.

The Marketing Society

We found Raha to be a huge hit with our audience who included CEO's, Managing Directors, Marketing Directors of various companies. Raha was professional to work with from initial introduction to post-event. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Raha as a speaker or indeed invite her to speak with us again in London or at another of our global hubs.

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