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Timothy Armoo is the CEO of Fanbytes, named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his achievements in Media and Marketing. “Timo” has been preaching the gospel about Gen Z marketing featuring in BBC, Forbes, Adweek, Business Insider and Tedx, as well as winning awards, including the Huffington Post Entrepreneur of the Year and most “Influential person in advertising” from the Evening Standard.

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Timothy Armoo’s background

From a young age Timo has been heavily influenced by business and technology starting his first company, Alpha Tutoring at 14 and his second EntrepreneurXpress at 17 which he ended up selling 11 months later.

In his second year at university studying Computer Science, Timothy started Fanbytes after seeing that marketing to Gen Z was broken.

Fast forward and Fanbytes is a 50 person company helping brands like the Government, Deliveroo, McDonalds and Nike to win the hearts of Gen Z.

Timo is an internally renowned speaker on the topic of marketing, sharing the stage with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix and Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland to name a few as well as being a guest columnist for The Guardian, The Drum and Campaign Magazine.

Timo has also used his influence for good, building the Fanbytes fund which invests and funds influencer campaigns for black businesses, aiming to erode the cycle of a lack of support and funding for black-owned businesses.

Timo’s single mindedness is changing the way the marketing world views Gen Z. He has drawn a lot of attention with his candid thoughts on marketing, seeing him grow an audience of tens of thousands on LinkedIn.



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Who is Timothy Armoo | Timothy Armoo | TEDxEustonSalon
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Snapchat influencers case studies for a games industry audience
Timothy Armoo's Top Native Advertising Tips
Timothy Armoo's Top Native Advertising Tips
Evening Standard

'Most Influential Person in Marketing and Advertising'

Forbes Magazine

'Leading the new school of marketing'

Huffington Post

'Creating the WPP of Gen Z'


'FanBytes have continuously helped us drive real ROI and installs for Deezer. When compared to the results we got from the platforms themselves, they outperformed by 3:1.'

Bianca Spada
Global Head of Social Media

'Partnering with FanBytes has given us expert, authentic knowledge and insight as well as opening up engaged and relevant audiences we would not have had access to otherwise.'

Karen Smith
Head of Marketing

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