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Editor-in-chief of The Economist and named one of the “Most Powerful Women in the World” by Forbes, Zanny Minton Beddoes is a renowned global economics expert, sought-after for her authoritative perspectives on the world economy – past, present and future.

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The first female editor in The Economist’s 170+-year history, Zanny is renowned for delivering sophisticated insight on all facets of economic affairs. At the nexus of the global economy and policy, she adeptly positions new developments that impact business and industry into the broader context of world events, from emerging markets and a precarious European Union to corporate America and the latest twists in U.S. politics.

Previously, during her decades-long tenure at The Economist, she served as business affairs editor, economics editor and emerging-markets correspondent. Zanny is the recipient of the 2017 Loeb Award in the “Breaking News” category for The Economist’s scoop on Saudi Aramco, as well as the 2012 Loeb Award for economic journalism.

From her post at the top covering the global economy, policy and business enterprise, Zanny enlightens audiences on financial and economic trends with prescient analysis that is detailed yet comprehensive in scope. With charming wit and remarkable precision, her unique depth of perspective on the future of the global economy provides an unparalleled outlook that always engages and informs. to the BBC in the UK and the World Service.



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Davos 2019 - Digitalizing Emerging Markets
Davos 2019 - Digitalizing Emerging Markets
The state of Brexit in a nutshell
The state of Brexit in a nutshell
A Society Divided
A Society Divided
Steve Bannon debate at The Economist #OpenFutures festival | The Economist
Steve Bannon debate at The Economist #OpenFutures festival | The Economist

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