The keynote speech is one of the most important parts of any event. A good Conference and Keynote Speaker will convey your key messages into their programme in ways that your audience will enjoy, remember and act on. When you choose a Conference and Keynote Speaker from our comprehensive list, you will benefit from a speaker who is not only a specialist in the relevant field, but one who will understand the points you want to get across to your audience based on their own experience.

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Dave Coplin

Author, alchemist, catalyst, founder and CEO of The Envisioners

Dave Trott

Advertising and creative award winner.

James Lyne

Renowned cyber security expert, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos...

Jean Todt

French motorsport executive, President of the FIA and keynote speaker.

Joschka Fischer

Former German Vice Chancellor, internationally known by being part of The...

Mikko Hypponen

Author, security expert, columnist, speaker and chief Research Officer of...

Nicholas Stern

A foremost expert on the impact of climate change on economics, Nicholas...

Jerry Kaplan

Best-selling author, renowned expert on Artificial Intelligence, Silicon...

Parag Khanna

Leading global strategist, world traveler and best-selling author

Marga Hoek

International figurehead on sustainable business and capital.

Brian Cox

Prolific TV science presenter, CERN Physicist and charismatic keynote...

Carmen Reinhart

An expert Harvard University economist with profound insights on boom and...

Alan Weiss

Worldwide expert in executive education, strategy consultant and leading...

Alex Osterwalder

Author of two business innovation publications. Inventor of the Business...

Katherine Grainger

Rower, Three-time Olympic Silver Medalist & Six-time World Champion

Sahar Hashemi

Entrepreneur, author and speaker who brought New York style coffee culture...

Anthony Thomson

Pioneer of banking for the mobile and tablet age.

Frank Gardner

BBC Security Correspondent, Expert on the Middle East with a Deep...

Daniel Thorniley

Authority on Emerging Global Markets.

Lene Gammelgaard

First Scandinavian Woman to Conquer Everest.

Wayne Hemingway

MBE co-founder of fashion house Red or Dead.

Tim Collins

Known for his stirring eve-of-battle speech during the Iraq war and his...

Caspar Berry

Risk-taking: Decision-making in business, poker and life.

Daniel Hughes

Achieved the worlds highest live broadcast to the BBC Newschannel from the...

Richard Reed

Entrepreneur - founder of Innocent Drinks

Gareth Jones

A specialist in leadership and business change, and a passionate,...

Shaun Smith

A leading expert on customer experience and brand leadership, co-author...

Freek Vermeulen

Expert on Growth, Strategic Innovation & International Strategy

Fons Trompenaars

The original cultural difference thinker.

Richard Olivier

World renowned actor, speaker and consultant.

Peggy Liu

Expert on sustainability, Chair and co-founder of the Joint US-China...

Steve Peters

Optimum performance coach working with champion cyclists like Victoria...

David Daokui Li

Possibly China's most influential economist and a world authority on the...

Dambisa Moyo

New York Times best-selling author, pre-eminent thinker, influencer,...

Karim Rashid

Leading Figure in the World of Interior Design

Martin Lindstrom

New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, brand futurist...

Pankaj Ghemawat

Award-winning author, speaker and economist, Global Professor of...

Pascal Lamy

Former Director General of the World Trade Organization and European...

Marco Tempest

Star of "The Virtual Magician" TV Show.