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Economics expert and global authority on the implications of longer life for business and society

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Expert on the future trends shaping the world of business and society. Global authority on the implications of longer life and technology for business and society.

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About Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics at London Business School, Co-founder of The Longevity Forum and an award-winning speaker, author and researcher.

Andrew is the author of the global bestseller “The 100 Year Life” which offers a compellingly different view of an ageing society and how it represents a major opportunity for us all. In general, Andrew focuses on the major trends that are reshaping the world around us – from longevity and technology through to political and social upheaval.

Andrew speaks with clarity, conviction and insight on a range of issues to help the audience know how they need to position themselves in response to these changes.

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Combines deep intelligence and broad knowledge, sharp humour and clear communication to make audience aware of what is happening and what they need to do. Suitable for small intimate action orientated settings through to large audiences requiring impactful speech.


Andrew Scott’s highly acclaimed 2016 book “The Hundred Year Life” is an international best seller, runner up for the FT-McKinsey book of the Year and inspired the Japanese Prime Minister to establish a Council for Living to 100 Years. In the book Andrew shows how the fact that children born today have a plausible chance of living to a 100 is leading to a profound transformation in how we live our life that affects us all. In it he argues that firms need to position themselves now if they are to succeed in understanding the behaviour of their customers and their employees as everything around us changes and adapts to the hundred year life.

Andrew’s second book, “The New Long Life, A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World” focuses on how technology, longevity and social changes are exerting a fundamental change in society and the economy. It lists what individuals, companies and governments need to make the most of this changing world. As Mr Spock remarked to Captain Kirk “Its life Jim, but not as we know it”. The future requires very different practices than the past and Andrew’s new book tells us what they are.

He has worked with a wide range of firms and sectors and can tailor his message across the globe as well as to an audience, whether of finance specialists, HR experts or broad based general management.


Professor of Economics at London Business School, Fellow of All Souls, Oxford University and The Centre for Economic Policy Research.


Andrew has taught at London Business School, Oxford University, Harvard University and London School of Economics. He has served as a Non-Executive Director to the Financial Services Authority. He has acted as an advisor to a range of politicians and government departments around the world. Both on economic trends but particularly his work around The 100 Year Life Andrew has advised and consulted with a number of top companies and organisations on how to adapt their policies, products and work practices to the reality of longer careers and lives.



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Managing the National Debt - Andrew Scott
Managing the National Debt - Andrew Scott
Professor Andrew Scott: a less rosy future for the BRICs | London Business School
Professor Andrew Scott: a less rosy future for the BRICs | London Business School
The intersection of technology and demography and changing social fabrics | London Business School
The intersection of technology and demography and changing social fabrics | London Business School
Leading perspectives - Professor Andrew Scott. "A 100 year life"
Leading perspectives - Professor Andrew Scott. "A 100 year life"
The 100-Year Life | London Business School
The 100-Year Life | London Business School

Andrew has been an ever present speaker and lecturer on our flagship leadership programme since 2007. He is a genuinely authentic and engaging speaker, with some great stories to tell and a very insightful and informative style. Always a great favourite with the participants for providing a great balance between challenging and informing.'

Eric Linin
Head of Talent Development Human Resources

'Fujitsu has really benefited from Professor Andrew Scott's deep insight into a diverse range of macro-economic topics including Sustainability and the 100 year life. The purpose of the sessions has been to better equip our senior people to be able to have 'non-agenda' conversations with key clients to start to unlock and create extra value for our clients - and we are already seeing this investment paying dividends!'

Rachel Rose
Brunswick Group

'Andrew provided an overview of European market dynamics to a group of senior executives from many different disciplines across the GE businesses. He approached the subject, which could be a little dry, with energy, enormous insight and a wry humour! He gauged very well both the expertise and interest levels of the audience and tailored the talk accordingly. It received consistently excellent feedback from the attendees who described better understanding the complexities of the economic environment but also valued hearing a point of view rather than mere facts and figures. I can't recommend Andrew highly enough and wouldn't hesitate to ask him to speak for me again.'

Gabrielle Silver

'Living 100 years and working productively for the greater part of them will soon be a reality. That means that life stages as we know them have to be reinvented. Gratton and Scott's wonderful book prepares us - individuals, organisations and societies - for the possibilities of this brave new world of longevity and teaches us what it will take to thrive in it.'

Professor Herminia Ibarra
Royal Society for Public Health

For Macroeconomics: Understanding the Global Economy: 'This is a timely, fascinating and thought provoking book, full of wonderful information about the potential of a 100-year life. A brilliant read for individuals but it should be mandatory reading for our politicians and those responsible for planning in health and social and social care.'

Shirley Cramer
CBE Chief Executive

For The 100 Year Life: 'Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott have written an important and highly readable analysis of the problem that most governments and corporations would prefer to ignore. A lot of us are going to live a lot longer than our grandparents - indeed, more than half of today's kids will live to be 100. This has implications for much more than just our personal finances. Our entire lives, they argue convincingly, will need to be reconfigured to deal with the unprecedented lifespans we are being granted. Required reading for baby boomers and millennials alike.'

Niall Ferguson
Laurence A.Tisch Professor of History
Danske Bank

"The conference went very well. The feedback has been excellent - especially on Andrew's speech, as he scored the highest rating of all speakers... very impressive! People found it really motivating and inspiring, and it helped them to understand what journey we are on, which was our main intention by having Andrew as speaker at the conference."

Wealth Management

"Feedback has been thoroughly positive from both the internal and external event Andrew kindly presented in. He provided such an insightful session that benefitted the audience greatly Not only did Andrew deliver an educational speech he brought a delightful humour to the rooms which was wonderful. Andrew was a pleasure to work with on the day and I'm very grateful he made the time to attend both sessions."

"We had a very warm receptive audience for Andrew Scott yesterday. We could have had him speak for a lot longer. His topic will have certainly provoked some thinking about longevity and its impact on society."

Baille Gifford

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