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Karl Lillrud is a best-selling author and entrepreneur – an ecommerce expert who has helped over 1000 ecommerce stores to increase their conversion and market growth.

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Karl Lillrud Award-winning Speaker

With a background in helping global companies to scale their business, to improve efficiency, and identify bottlenecks within seemingly well-oiled organizations, Karl will improve your way of thinking. But also challenge your way of working and the way you address your everyday work life, always moving forward to reach seemingly impossible goals.

Karl Lillrud has extensive experience from multiple industries i.e., E-Commerce, Retail, Internet-based, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Telecom, Bank and finance, Media, Fortune 500 companies and more. An experience that gives him the advantage to see opportunities where others don’t, to take the initiative, being a skilled troubleshooter that systematically identifies the best solutions to challenges and problems.

Listed as top 50 ecommerce speaker, top 30 ecommerce influencers and the world’s top 50 ecommerce experts. Karl Lillrud is a source of inspiration and advice, all in one place. If your company operates online, focuses on growth or targets consumers, Karl Lillrud is the one who will inspire you and your organization to even greater success.

Karl speaks to inspire and educate on the subjects that he has been working with professionally since 1996 which are related to internet-based business. He shares experience and the many tools and workarounds he developed to force forward in complex situations from his life as an entrepreneur for +25 years and with an everyday growing interest.

He led e-commerce and online companies to reach their next level with his unique understanding of their business, goals, and challenges. Transforming their online strategy based on global data and market-leading insights as a speaker and mentor.



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Training Your Subconscious Mind for Entrepreneurial Success | Karl Lillrud | TEDxPiotrkowskaStreet
Training Your Subconscious Mind for Entrepreneurial Success | Karl Lillrud | TEDxPiotrkowskaStreet
How to do the impossible | Karl Lillrud | TEDxKedgeBS
How to do the impossible | Karl Lillrud | TEDxKedgeBS
9 to NEVER Ep. 9 | Karl Lillrud - eCommerce Expert and TEDx Speaker
9 to NEVER Ep. 9 | Karl Lillrud - eCommerce Expert and TEDx Speaker
10 steps to increase your conversion rate in your ecommerce store | Karl Lillrud
10 steps to increase your conversion rate in your ecommerce store | Karl Lillrud
eCommerce Expo London
Karl was a fantastic speaker with a great presence, packing out the room with an attendance of over 90% capacity.
Sam Tidmarsh
TEKTalk Stockholm
We have been working with Karl in the past and knew inviting him as a guest speaker to one of our events would be good. It actually turned out great. Karl talked about the future for e-commerce, a really current topic. He also brought in aspects as entrepreneurship and innovation which really made it interesting for the broader group. We will for sure ask Karl to come back again soon.
Axel Ödman
E-Commerce eXpo Dublin
Karl Lillrud is truly an amazing, inspirational Speaker on many different topics around eCommerce. His range of knowledge of eCommerce is second to none and Karl’s input into the Event went beyond the call of duty. He’s not only a complete Professional, but to work with him was a great experience. The feedback we received from the audience on the day; and the other companies who participated in eCommerce eXpo Ireland was extremely positive. Karl’s also one of the nicest guys I’ve met in my 20+ years of business! If you are considering working with him, I would recommend him highly.
Stephen Quin
TEDx PiotrkowskaStreet
Karl Lillrud delivered a speech at TEDx PiotrkowskaStreet 2018 ‘ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE’. Karl is an engaging keynote speaker who caught attention and interest of the audience in his speech on the topic of ‘Training Your Subconscious Mind on an Entrepreneurial Success.’ His passion for the subject matter is highly noticeable, in just 15-minute, attendees gained a fresh perspective and valuable insight into challenging and influencing their own subconscious mind. It was a pleasure to include Karl as one of our speakers at TEDx PiotrkowskaStreet, and I would definitely recommend him to other conferences and events.
IDominika Mikurenda 

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