Ep. 128 - Fireside chat with Martina Muttke

Sean Pillot de Chenecey chats with Martina Muttke, neuroscientist and mentor for CEO’s and executive teams.

Included in the discussion:

  • How neuroscience is applied in the business world
  • What happens in Martina’s workshops, and how people learn and remember.
  • Martina’s background
  • What makes a great coach and how different cultures respond to coaching
  • What inspires Martina
  • Virtual versus face-to-face coaching
Martina Muttke Speaker

Martina is a swiss-based executive with 25 years of senior leadership and expatriate experience. A physician by training, she also obtained a business education from Harvard Business School and is an ICF accredited coach.

Swiss-based Executive with experience spanning over 50 countries and various cultures

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Sean Pillot de Chenecey

Sean Pillot de Chenecey