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Imran Rehman

Imran Rehman is an organisation and performance specialist, a leadership coach and a co-founder of Kokoro

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Today Imran builds caring organisations and does this by getting leaders to think about how well they are taking care of the environments in which teams can speak up, help each other to be successful and collectively care about the company’s purpose and profitability.

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Imran enjoys challenging the status quo, provoking new thoughts and gets the conversations going with empathy and compassion. He loves learning something new each day about what makes us all tick, grow and transform. He has over 10k hours of coaching practise and has accompanied leaders, teams in diverse organisations in 70 counties across the world.

He gained his 30 years of experience by working up through the organisation from frontline roles in sales to key leadership roles as a team leader, department head and managing partner. Moreover, he began delivering talks on human systems, digitalisation, resilience and the new world of work about 10 years ago as a way to help organisations become aware of the conditions that make high-performance environments and culture happen.

Today, his lightening workshops and talks series focuses on the science of great teams, the myths on measuring human performance, leading transformation from the middle and how data can break or make humans perform at their best. He holds keynotes, impulse talks, lightening workshops or open sessions for all types of events, strategy days and large groups of up to 500 people or more.


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Hacking HR Forum Zurich - May 13, 2019 - Imran Rehman
Hacking HR Forum Zurich - May 13, 2019 - Imran Rehman
WhiteLoop Ltd

Imran is a unique person with a wisdom, warmth and intelligence rarely seen. His ability to help you understand yourself, to see what you do in a new light, to give you hope but also a way forward is genuinely inspirational. He is someone who opens you up in the most positive way possible. And the change that follows is real change. He is compassionate, empathic, caring and thoroughly decent.'

Jim Playfoot
RU Affairs

'Imran is one of these people who does not leave you indifferent. One is easily taken in by his soft-spoken way and he keeps his audience interested even when speaking 'sotto voce' . He is sharp and to the point but without being assertive.'

Karin Minke
Management Consultant
Strategist and Researcher psychology *pop culture* politics

'I am extremely glad, that Imran decided to base his business in Vienna, Austria, which I believe can profit enormously of his tremendous experience. His experience of guiding organisations through the process of transformation and on this road to innovation which is so often clouded by buzz words and in my experience so rarely enlightened by a truly systematic yet human approach.'

Irina Nalis-Neuner

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