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Anastasia Graham-Yooll

Media consultant and moderator with over a decade of experience reporting and presenting

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A dedicated TV Producer/ AP with over 12 years experience. A former TV news presenter and reporter, Anastasia now produces and directs documentary shorts and features and is passionate about working on character-driven narratives.

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Who is Anastasia Graham-Yooll?

Anastasia is a London-based media consultant and moderator with over a decade of experience reporting and presenting for the likes of Bloomberg TV, RT, and CNNi. She is a savvy media strategist with editorial instincts, a passionate environmentalist and sustainability advocate, an eloquent public speaker, mediator and communicator with strong creative and innovative mind.

She is the founder of HGY Media Ltd, a production company specializing in media strategy, campaign management and content production. The company specializes on documentary storytelling with a purpose. Working with clients across corporate and non-profit worlds, the projects the company undertakes focus on building a sustainable future.

As a former media consultant at EBRD Bank, Anastasia is responsible for developing the bank’s new strategy for the agribusiness sector and handling other multimedia and print projects to present this strategy to the Board of Directors, donors, clients and partners of the bank. During the film’s internal screening at the Innovation Hub event at the EBRD, she moderated a panel discussion on the potential for Agri Tech and Big Data for sustainable agriculture, with a particular focus of bridging the gap between developing and developed countries where the EBRD operates.

Anastasia Graham-Yooll was also a freelance journalist for which she produced news content for the likes of CNNi, Bloomberg and BBC Russian. She also presented a World News bulletin live throughout the London programming hours, reported on major global stories and interviewed high-profile newsmakers. She hosted and produced a magazine show ‘Decade in Review’ which looked at trends and forecast for the current decade in terms of politics, technology and global economic development.



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