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A noted City of London economist, British government economic advisor and newspaper columnist

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Roger Bootle made his name with his direct approach and ability to forecast major economic events from the credit crunch to the property crash and issues within the European Union.

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Roger Bootle’s background

Roger Bootle is chairman of Capital Economics, one of the world’s largest independent macroeconomics consultancies, which he founded in 1999. Roger is also an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. He was formerly Group Chief Economist of HSBC and a Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School. Under Chancellor Kenneth Clarke he was appointed to the Government’s panel of Independent Economic Advisers, the so-called “Wise Men”. From 1997 to 2017 he was a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee. In 2012, Roger was named Economics Commentator of the Year and, together with a team from Capital Economics, he won the Wolfson Prize, the second biggest prize in Economics after the Nobel.

Roger Bootle studied at Oxford University and then became a Lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Most of his subsequent career has been spent in the City of London.

Roger has written many articles and several books on economics. His latest book, Making a Success of Brexit and Reforming the EU, is the 4th edition of The Trouble with Europe. This book follows The Trouble with Markets and Money for Nothing, which were widely acclaimed. His earlier book, The Death of Inflation, published in 1996, became a bestseller and was subsequently translated into nine languages. Initially dismissed as extreme, The Death of Inflation is now widely recognised as prophetic. Roger is also joint author of the book Theory of Money, and author of Index-Linked Gilts.

Roger appears frequently on television and radio and is also a regular columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

Awards, Accolades, Achievements & Honours

  • Founded Capital Economics, Europe’s largest macroeconomics consultancy in 1999, now Chairman of it.
  • Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee for 20 years.
  • Formerly Group Chief Economist of HSBC.
  • Weekly columnist for The Daily Telegraph for the last 10 years.
  • Author of six books, including the “The Death of Inflation” and, most recently, “The Trouble with Europe”.
  • Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.
  • Winner of the Wolfson Prize, the second biggest prize in Economics after the Nobel.
  • Named Economics Commentator of the Year in 2012.
  • Won the 250,000 Wolfson Prize for Economics for devising the “smoothest” plan for a break-up of the euro zone in 2012.
  • Frequent appearances on radio and television.
  • Taught Economics at Oxford University – and worked as a money market dealer in the City.

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Informal, Educational and Thought-provoking.


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Roger Bootle, Capital Economics
Roger Bootle, Capital Economics
"A Positive View of Post-Brexit Britain" | THINK 2018
"A Positive View of Post-Brexit Britain" | THINK 2018

Roger Bootle is one of the best interpreters of modern capitalism around. This account of the crisis and what it means is as important as it is accessible.

Will Hutton
Economist and author of the bestselling The State Were In
Innovation and Skills

This book will stand out in the explosion of financial crisis literature. Roger Bootle is one of the top, practical economists in the financial world but he is not afraid to tackle the bigger, deeper questions around the future of capitalism, the role of markets and government.

Vince Cable
MP, Secretary of State for Business
The Actuarial Profession Life Convention, Edinburgh

Scores for content and presentation both a maximum 5/5. (Convention average 3.8/5 and 3.7/5 respectively.)

Compelling prescriptions from an economist unusually able to speak with authority because unlike most of his peers, Bootle spotted that the boom was unsustainable.

Robert Peston
BBC Business Editor and author of Who Runs Britain
Reuters Sales Conference, Cairo

Roger was absolutely fantastic, his presentation was inspiring, very interesting and he managed to present it in a very entertaining way.

Construction Products Association

An excellent speaker with just one major problem - he has set a high standard for our next speaker to follow!

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